cherry tree

This page introduces the wall surface of a cherry tree that symbolizes spring.

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About the wall surface of the cherry tree

  • kindergarten entrance ceremony
  • promotion ceremony

As both the background and the main focus of a spring wall surface, such as
This item is very useful.

Let's prepare materials and tools before making a cherry tree.


The wall surface of the cherry tree can be done with "drawing paper only"!
The drawing paper used in Chokipeta is

  • pink
  • Dark pink
  • light brown

However, you can use "white" for cherry blossom petals!


Here are the tools we used.

  • scissors
  • Glue (glue stick)
  • Stapler (paper clips or masking tape are also acceptable)

The stapler is,
This is recommended because the drawing paper and the stencil do not shift when cutting!

Take advantage of Chokipeta's wall surfaces!

Digital data of cherry tree (wall stencil)

Print on paper,
Please use by cutting on top of the drawing paper!

Cherry Blossom Tree | Chokipeta Factorydried small sardines, etc. used to make fish stock

Chokipeta members can download it for free!

Cherry tree material to be delivered and mailed to your home

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