We will start providing Chokipeta materials to orphanages.

Choki Peta Factory has been providing services to reduce the workload of childcare workers with the aim of creating a world where children can receive better childcare.

As a new initiative, we will begin providing services to children's homes in Japan.

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Choki Peta Factory provides panel theater, sketchbook theater, and other materials for nursery school teachers to perform for children.

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Chokipeta Factory

Eligible Facilities

Facilities listed on the National Council of Children's Homes websiteThe following is a list of the targets.

*Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in using this service for facilities not listed or other related facilities.

Eligible services offered free of charge

 The services covered are as follows

Services provided free of charge to children's homes
  • Three finished products of the material of your choice
  • Free material download account provided
  • Request production of new materials

Three finished products of the material of your choice

We will mail three items of your choice, complete, to the orphanage.

List of materials produced
  • picture for coloring in (colouring)
  • illustration
  • Printable Toys
  • panel theater
  • sketchbook theater
  • toy theater

Precautions for use

When you demonstrate the panel theater,Panel cloth for demonstration purposes is required.

Please note that this information is not provided on this site.

How to receive our free offer


Contact Chokipeta Factory

Please contact Choki Peta Factory by any of the following methods to request the provision of the information.

Contact to official line (recommended)

Chokipeta Factory Official LINEPlease contact us at the following address and tell us that you would like to donate the items to a children's home.

A representative will contact you.

Contact us by e-mail

Please contact us at the following address

[email protected]

A representative will contact you.


Online Explanation

Please allow 10~30 minutes for a representative to explain the details.


Free Account Issuance

After we speak with you, we will issue you a dedicated account to receive all material data free of charge.

Please allow up to 3 business days for issuance.


Shipping of requested materials

Along with the issuance of your account, we will mail you the products you requested in a completed state.

Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure if it is covered.

We will check and contact you.
at your easeOfficial LINEPlease contact us from

I do not know what services are offered.

The following three services are available

  • Three completed theaters or pep-serts are delivered.
  • Free download of all material data on the site
  • Free production of illustrations, coloring books, and other materials of your choice
I do not know how to contact you.

The fastest way to reply or contact us isOfficial LINEis

If you have difficulty contacting us using LINE, please contact us by e-mail.

[email protected]
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