Notice of Free Materials and Interview Campaign

Thank you very much for using Chokipeta Factory.

Choki Peta Factory has newly started offering free materials and accompanying interviews.

If you wish,To Chokipeta Factoryinterview requestand send it to us.
We will contact you shortly!

Campaign Flow

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Notice of Campaign for Free Materials and Interviews|Chekipeta Factory

Please read the terms and conditions of application,Go to Official LINEPlease contact us with the message "I would like to be interviewed.

A representative will contact you shortly.

Check with your institution

We will speak with your company representative to finalize the shipping address.

5 materials of your choice, printed and mailed to you

After receiving permission from the person in charge of the facility, you will select 5 materials of your choice from our website.

Please pick up your materials at the facility.

In principle, shipping will be completed within 3 business days of material confirmation.

Please produce and demonstrate.

Within one month, please produce and demonstrate the materials you have received.

Please let us know how it is used and how the children react to it.

About 30 days passed,Person in charge of production and demonstrationandFor company representativesWe will conduct a brief interview with the

This completes the work to be handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with the material received?

We would appreciate it if you could make use of this information at the facility where you received it after the completion of interviews, etc.

There is no need to send it back.

Are there any costs involved?

Usually, no fee is charged.

However, we may request payment from your company only if you refuse to be interviewed or are dishonest after receiving the money.

If special circumstances arise, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

I don't mind doing interviews, etc., but it is difficult to get permission from the company.

We can contact you from this site in the form of "introduction of Mr. 00 who is working at 00 park".

If you have no problem with the name of your facility, company, or the name of the person who contacted you, please feel free to contact us.